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Even though we've barely gotten started we have ALREADY TRANSACTED $300,000 plus United States dollars thru THIS WEBSITE that you are on right now (in order to feed more poor street children, orphans, widows, single mothers, elderly, the blind and the disabled in the Third World country of the Philippines)! Donate/buy and/or join our free Affiliate program to help today! You can build your child feeding fundraising business for only $5 per month and earn 20% commissions (or 10% on the 1st level and 10% on your 2nd level; your choice)! For as little as $7 per week, you can earn 50% commissions (or 25% on your 1st level and 25% commissions on your 2nd level; your choice)! Our mottos are: "just get 1 and you're DONE; just get 2 and you're THRU; just get 3 and go on your SHOPPING SPREE!" :)

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