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This child “sandal-ing” is the direct result of the financial sponsorship of Joanne Bailey, one of the founding Apostles of Pure Hearts International. These children are oftentimes barefooted when we find them, and as you can plainly see from the video, many of their feet are damaged and disfigured in various ways and to various degrees, some horribly! :-(

At one point in the video, you hear me involuntarily exclaim “Oh my God!” when one of the children turns his foot over and shows a crater like cavity in his foot. God only knows what caused THAT to happen. Shudder…

The security guards in the mall where we feed the children will NOT let anyone into the mall unless they have footwear.

ALL the kids/adults you see receiving sandals (we purchased 14 sandals for 14 children in this video) here were then taken across the street to the mall and then fed by Pure Hearts International as you can see in our other video with this same DATE of July 26, 2015.

The needs of the poor in the Philippines is far greater than the available local resources. We need your help to help these poor homeless children, as well as the nursing mothers, the blind, the elderly and the otherwise disabled. If you saw every day what I see, your heart would break as it does mine. Help me and help Pure Hearts International to do more. Make a donation and/or purchase a product at today.

Thank you and may God richly bless you for your tangible love and care. :)

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