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Turning to USA election, REMEMBER! Clinton hint #Trump the past day or so on WOMEN’S ISSUES again, it’s TOTALLY FAIR for him to slam her back as RAPE/ABUSE ENABLER!

Posted by Pure Hearts International on

#Trump is going to grind Clinton into DOG MEAT, and she has no one to BLAME but herself. She’s DOOMED! She *has* to try to play the “women’s card” in order to beat him, and yet every time she does it, AFTER SHE DOES IT FIRST, #Trump is going to use that same “women’s card” to LOUDLY AND APTLY remind women and men everywhere what a DISGRACE she has been for REAL WOMEN she’s HURT so BADLY in her “bimbo erruptions” (to quote Hillary) WAR ON REAL LIVE BREATHING WOMEN! She is HYPOCRISY PERSONIFIED!

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