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I make political predictions when I’m confident my candidate will win.

Posted by Pure Hearts International on

I was *not* confident that Poe would win, and so I made no political predictions. Except amongst some INC (Inglesis ni Christo) friends of mine that were big Duterte supporters, they asked me the day before the elections (yesterday), who do you think will win? I said what I usually do is give a range of possibilities. I said I could see Duterte losing by as much as 5 points depending on whether certain factors came thru and I said I could see Duterte winning by as much as 15 pts (looks like he’s going to win by 16 or 17 pts). And if I was going to put MONEY on the election, I would definitely, based on the survey results, bet on Duterte. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I like Duterte. Quite the contrary. And nothing about him getting elected has changed that for me one iota.

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