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I used to be a stockbroker back in the day. Dim eMedia are once again revealing their financial illiteracy…

Posted by Pure Hearts International on

…or their lying ways, take your pick, on misunderstanding/mischaracterizing #Trump’s CORRECT statement on buying our TREASURY DEBT back on the open market place AT A DISCOUNT.

See, little dopey journalists, when interest rates RISE in TODAY’s marketplace, it rises ABOVE the COUPON/interest rate of MANY bonds/treasury debt that was ISSUED in the PAST.

When that happens, our treasury debt, much of it, at least, TRADES AT BELOW par (face value), and buy BUYING IT BACK on the OPEN MARKET like that, we can save BIG MONEY compared to waiting until the debt matures and having to pay it back at FULL PAR.

The reason why #Trump is running circles around his “competitors” as well as the Dim eMedia is because, frankly, THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY INTELLIGENT/COMPETENT.



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