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Andy Schlafly, Esq. on Gorsuch: 

Posted by Pure Hearts International on

​”The pro-aborts have steamrolled the D.C. pro-life groups.  The nomination ceremony was pro-choice in tone, and “pro-life” was not even mentioned.  Trump has been misled to think his pro-life pledge need not be honored.  Oh, how wrong that is with voters in the key states of Michigan (where I spoke two weeks ago), Pennsylvania (where I am speaking in less than two months), Florida (where I am speaking soon), and so on.  The pro-aborts and their D.C. allies may try to stop my speeches, but they won’t succeed.
The real pro-life candidates (Canady, Lee, etc.) on Trump’s list were not even interviewed, and not even given a chance.  The Federalist Society is funded predominantly by pro-choice sources, and virtually all of the interviewees were Federalist Society proteges whom it can use to raise money.
Overturning Roe v. Wade is not for the faint of heart, or for people who value relationships more than 40 million unborn children.
Next the pro-aborts will continue taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.  D.C. groups that rolled over on this nomination are just blowing smoke when they pretend they will cut off Planned Parenthood.  In addition, the upcoming 100 judicial nominations to appellate and district court positions will be mostly pro-aborts too, if we don’t object while D.C. groups cave in.
The first President Bush’s advisers thought they had pulled off their violation of his “no new taxes” pledge too.  Well, they didn’t.  The truth comes out, and pro-lifers know how often the “swamp” tries to fool the public.  Nobody is being fooled this time.
Gorsuch, if not withdrawn as Harriet Miers was, or rejected by the Senate, will perpetuate Roe v. Wade for another four decades.  That’s 40 million more abortions.  Think about it.  Let it sink in.  Women who have merely one abortion say that it gets harder over time to deal with that.  Replay the video of the nomination ceremony.  Notice how Gorsuch’s prepared statement was implicitly defiant against overturning Roe v. Wade based on disagreement with it, without mentioning the case by name.  
This issue is far from over, and the discomfort with allowing 40 million more abortions will grow.”
Andy Schlafly, Esq.

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