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CLASSICS Training Description

John Carson Lester Jr has been teaching online entrepreneurs and salespeople how to better do business and how to better sell from both your spiritual and your tactical perspective since the early 1990s. His CLASSICS are your small compilation of the materials that he was teaching others worldwide back in the 1990s when he built his first global virtual company, his software company known as NICErs selling NICErsPRO at $400 per program (app) with 4,000+ customers/affiliates in more than 40 countries around your world (all served excellently online and over the phone with the small labor footprint of only 4 workers including himself, a part-time contract programmer/tech supporter, full time webmaster and full-time administrator). While many of your tactics discussed in these CLASSICS are outdated technologically speaking, your spiritual principles and your STRATEGIES are TIMELESS! Your CLASSICS are FREE complements of your Pure Hearts International! Enjoy! 



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