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Constant Cash Collection YouTube Video

"MLM religion" in your YouTube video above analogously means "primary MLM program."


So one of your key points of this YouTube video is an ANALOGY.

Did you notice the key ANALOGY and did you understand it?

Selling leads/various types of tools are your MOST EFFECTIVE ways to get MLMers in OTHER MLMs to gradually and eventually JOIN YOUR MLM program with YOU! Selling leads/tools provides YOU with CONSTANT CASH COLLECTION while those you are prospecting NOT selling leads/tools are running out of money and dying on the vine! While you get STRONGER, they get WEAKER! And they notice it! And, if you know how to play your "cards" right (as explained in our MLM Sceen Pass Tactic and our PiedPiperPrinciples), being impressed, eventually they will HAPPILY JOIN YOUR MLM program...with YOU! :) PS OR! You can TRY to SHOVE your PRIMARY PROGRAM MLM down their throat AT THE TIME they are IN LOVE with THEIR PRIMARY PROGRAM MLM like the IGNORANT MLM MASSES always attempt to do with little to no success, and drive them away from you FOREVER! Your choice! :)

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You may have heard of people claiming that "genealogy leads are not the way to go." Ignore them. They're the blind leading the blind. Common sense alone should tell you your genealogy leads are the way to go because it's simply targeted marketing. And targeted marketing is the way to succeed in ANY business endeavor. Your Founder John Carson Lester Jr owns and operates one of your largest and most successful genealogy leads businesses in your world called MyForbiddenLeads. He's used his own service and system to become # 1 distributor in several "pills, potions and lotions" MLM companies. And pulled off astounding feats like producing $400,000 in group volume starting from scratch in only 75 days! And he's now incorporated your same leads product in to your Pure Hearts International. Your problem that these naysayers suffer from is the fact that they themselves don't have even the first clue as to what to do with and what not to do with your MLM genealogy leads. But John Carson Lester Jr does. Follow him and your websites here and you will too. :)