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Pay Plan Frequently Asked Questions and your answers are listed below...before you contact us, please check to see if your question is already answered below:  

Pay Plan FAQs

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid your Bitcoin DAILY 100% Potential Pay Plan commissions, all you need to do is set up your FREE Coinbase account, your largest Bitcoin company in the USA. It is available for FREE worldwide and so EASY! :) PS You don't have to have your Coinbase account before you start selling. When you earn your first commission, Coinbase will send your affiliate email address you registered with us your notification of your bitcoin commissions waiting for you and your instructions on how to retrieve your money and electronically deposit it into your bank account thru Coinbase. PPS If you live in the Philippines, you might also want to set up a FREE Coins.ph account too. 

Do you report our earnings to taxing authorities? 

No we do not. We transact and pay your commissions only in bitcoin, which is the decentralized digital cyptocurrency of the Internet, and therefore NOT the currency of ANY country. You are responsible for keeping track of your own earnings and tax responsibilities, if any. 

How can you do so much for so many people while being so generous yourselves?

Very carefully! When you add up the your generous commissions we pay out via your Bitcoin DAILY 100% Potential Pay Plan, the foods and other blessings we provide to your poor Filipino children, widows, single mothers and the elderly, not to mention the numerous and varied other miscellaneous and inevitable costs of doing business and doing good works, we HAVE to be very careful! And frugal.

What is your compensation plan and cost of being a distributor, etc?

Click Start At The Top and Pay Plan for your details.

That *is* UNIQUE! What else is rare or unique about your Bitcoin DAILY Potential 100% Pay Plan?

We don't know of any other company in your world that requires NO monthly personal nor group volume requirement and yet PUTS YOU AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAY PLAN qualified to earn ALL commissions in your Pay Plan as if YOU are the "Biggest Hitter"  in your world! We are almost certainly unique there. Secondly, we also don't know of many other companies in your world that offer an enormous 40% 1st, 2nd and 3rd level combined commission! Thirdly, we offer your Crown Philanthropist package offering four (4) different payment plans (weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime)! So we are unique there. Fourthly, we are your only company that we know of that is offering Bitcoin DAILY 100% Potential Pay Plan commissions in your global affiliate marketing setting. This is also significant because it allows you to reach your vast, global markets, populated mostly by people who do not have credit cards and thus simply cannot do business with "pills, potions and lotions" MLMs (who typically accept only credit cards, certainly for long distance physical product shipments). So we are probably unique there. Fifthly, and finally, we have no required signup fees, no distributor kit fees, no monthly replicated web page fees, no annual fees, no fees of any kind! So we are rare there, and probably unique, with every donation and purchase made funding the feeding and clothing and care of your poor Filipino children, widows, single mothers, the disabled and the elderly! We are definitely unique there! Click Affiliates and join your social mission today! Do Well by Doing Good! You can do it! And we will help you! 

Why do you pay out the huge 40% over the first three levels? 

So that your "little guy/gal" part-timer can SUCCEED in your business! Did you know that virtually every "pills, potions and lotions" non-PHI MLM pay plan IN YOUR WORLD virtually GUARANTEES the FAILURE of your average or ordinary person?! Putting 40% in your first three levels in your affiliate marketing pay plan means that your average person, s/he can be in PROFIT with as little as 5 or 6 total customers/affiliates in his/her group! For example, if you get six donation customers on your first level donating $100 per month (at your first level 20% commission), if you do the math on that, that's $120 in total monthly commissions over the 6 people ($20 in 20% commissions on each $100 per month donation times 6 persons) and thus you are in GROSS PROFIT by $20 per month ($120 in your monthly commissions minus your own $100 optional but highly recommended monthly donation)! Every "pills, potions and lotions" MLM that we know of requires 10 to 20 customers or more in your group just to break even on your own purchase! Don't drink the cool-aid of the 99.9999% of the "pills, portions and lotions" MLM companies out there designed for the elite upper 1% 24/7/365 full-time hard core professional networkers! Those companies were not made for you. Whereas your Pure Hearts International was made for YOU! 

Can I switch at any time between your various ranks? 

Yes, you can switch at any time between your various pay ranks found at Pay Plan

More Pay Plan FAQs to come soon...

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