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FUCK Jehovah! PRAISE Jesus! ALLAHU AKBAR! MUCH of your orders HERE go to feed POOR *HUNGRY* FILIPINO STREET KIDS thru We pay 15% affiliate commissions on up to 11 linked referrals!


This is John Carson Lester Jr, your sometimes smiling, informal and unassuming Founder, pictured in a typically casual setting. Click and read 1) his Achievements & 2) his Autobiography to learn more about Founder John (and to see him more formally dressed, as he does clean up rather well)! Also, as you can clearly see from his very, very many ALL-SYSTEM-TESTIMONIALS, DUPLICATION, FAMILY, LEADERSHIP & TEACHING TESTIMONIALS gathered over very, very many years and very, very many projects now, is there any one else in the entire history of promotion that has taught more home-based people how to build than John, especially long distance over the phone and/or the Net? preaching The Almighty as he goes! Praise be to God! Founder John is now a grad student at the La Consolacion College in Bacolod City in the Philippines working on his Masters of Arts in Education with his major in Religious Studies. Founder John intends to write his required Master's Thesis on the subject of social entrepreneurship applied to poverty in the context of religious service as we do at Pure Hearts. Quote: "NGOs (non-governmental organizations/traditional charities), lacking the profit motive, almost never succeed. And when the NGO fails, guess what, the POOR fail too! The beauty of social entrepreneurship is that, at the end of the day, the POOR end up with far more HELP for far longer! And, I can assure you, if you'll but only talk to them, that is the only thing that really matters: HELP!!!"