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Founder's Second Wife

This is Crislyn Blanco Lester, your very kind and charitable Founder's second wife. Crislyn also has always had a heart for people. Crislyn has been a primary financial provider for her Filipino family located in Barangay Trinidad in Guihulgnan City in the province of Negros Oriental in the Republic of the Philippines since she was a teenager.  Crislyn has demonstrated her incredible native intelligence by learning English from scratch far better and far faster than John Carson Lester Jr has learned various Filipino dialects from scratch! Crislyn is also the oldest daughter of 12 siblings (2nd child overall). Now, she is working side by side with her husband John Carson Lester Jr to develop Pure Hearts International into everything God has destined it to be. She and her husband John are planning on having children together soon, God willing. And she helps her husband John with SFI, Strong Future International.