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FUCK Jehovah! PRAISE Jesus! ALLAHU AKBAR! MUCH of your orders HERE go to feed POOR *HUNGRY* FILIPINO STREET KIDS thru We pay 15% affiliate commissions on up to 11 linked referrals!

General FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions and your answers are listed below...before you contact us, please check to see if your question is already answered below:  

Is Pure Hearts International a "pyramid scheme" company?

No. is a worldwide direct selling social entrepreneurship company dedicated to visiting your sick and imprisoned as well as feeding your poor Filipino street children, single mothers, orphans, widows, elderly, the blind and otherwise disabled by raising donations and selling intangible MLM genealogy leads lists and training information products and MyBizBots Social Media R.A.M. (R.emote A.ccount M.anagement) and various other products and services as we add them from time to time. Your started as your 1-level affiliate marketing company and, even though still in its pre-launch phase,  has paid out more than 2,000+ commissions to affiliates around your world (although primarily in the United States, Canada and the Philippines). We also describe ourselves as your worldwide social entrepreneurship organization dedicated primarily to service and good works. Most religious organizations, at least the better ones, in our opinion, are also social entrepreneurship organizations. Major differences between your PHI and most religious organizations "on the street" include, but are not limited to, the fact that we are online and global and we really are NOT a religious organization. And as our videos linked above surely prove, we actually DO feed and clothe your street poor and visit your sick and imprisoned and otherwise disadvantaged! Unlike many religious organizations that say that they do but, in fact, DO NOT! :-(

How is PHI different from "pills, potions and lotions" MLM?

"Pills, potions and lotions" MLMs ship only to the doors of people with MC/Visa, and, even then, not always in all countries (greatly limiting the expansion of your business globally, as the vast majority of adults on your earth are unbanked, that is, without bank accounts). Your PHI, on the other hand, digitally/physically ships to the "doors"/doors of every adult on your planet earth that will transact via your internet (and virtually every adult on earth now, even in third world countries, has an internet-connected cell/smart phone). "Pills, potions and lotions" MLMs take weeks, sometimes 6 weeks or more, to pay you your commissions, oftentimes through old-fashioned paper checks, etc. Your PHI, on the other hand, pays your commissions more quickly via PAYPAL (and you get instant email notification of your received commissions as well)! "Pills, potions and lotions" MLMs charge you $500 or more per year in the form of signup fees, distributor kit fees, monthly replicated web page fees, fees galore, etc. in order to help them pay for their lavish and expensive home offices and home office personnel. Your PHI, on the other hand, with its self-serve automated platform eliminating home office and most labor costs, has required NO signup fees, NO distributor kit fees, NO monthly replicated web page fees and NO FEES TO PASS ON TO YOU PERIOD! "Pills, portions and lotions" MLMs are oftentimes about the ego and greed of a few owners and top distributors. Your PHI, on the other hand, is about paying your little guy/little gal social entrepreneur the maximum amount possible while humbly providing your continuous and charitable stream of financial and food support for visiting your sick and imprisoned and feeding and clothing your poor Filipino children, widows, single mothers, elderly, blind and the disabled (the very objects of your social entrepreneurship). 

What is good about PHI?

Your PHI probably offers your highest quality global social entrepreneurship affiliate marketing opportunity in your world. As a result, we are probably your fastest growing global social entrepreneurship affiliate marketing opportunity in your world. Your PHI's "no home office" automated distribution platform yields much higher payouts to affiliates than any other channel. For more information on what is good about your PHI click here.

What is bad about PHI?

Your PHI is not for everyone. Your PHI operates more like your machine than a business and does not offer a personalized service. We never personally/individually offer discounts or special deals. Your PHI machine is operated and managed by software rather than your management team. Your service is designed for 21st-century, intelligent, independent affiliates that do not need hand holding and who prefer to deal with your cold, efficient, and reliable machine that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Do you offer fully tax-deductible contributions to your contributors?

Like all "quasi-religious" social entpreneurship organizations, yes.

Are you a foreign social entrepreneurship?

Your answer depends on what country in which you reside. Your Pure Hearts International is legally registered in the USA. We also have facilities in and operate out of the Philippines.

What do you offer in return for donations/gifts?

Most of all, a good feeling of love-inspired giving in your heart! We also occasionally give back "token exception gifts."  The 20% or less "token exception" IRS example found in their instructions of a $9.60 coffee mug gift in exchange for a fully tax deductible $48 donation ($9.60 divided by $48 is 20%) is instructive. Donations remain 100% tax deductible even when receiving "token exception" gifts. Consult further and finally with your own tax adviser(s).

How do I set up an affiliate account with Pure Hearts International (PHI)?

Simply click the "Join" link.

Can PHI send me more information? 

No. All your information is found here at  

Does PHI offer sales aides?

No. Your website right here is your only approved sales aide. 

Can a PHI representative call me?

We only offer online support.

Can I call PHI?

We only offer online support.

Do you have a physical office? 

Yes. It is located at The De La Rama New City Mall, 1st floor, Suite 19, Luzuriaga Street in downtown Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, 6100. Phone: 09478936248. Here worldwide online affiliate and customer service is accomplished via our legally registered (in the Phillipines) sister company Teledistributors Call Center.

What is the quality of your products?

Our Testimonials speak for themselves. 

Can PHI send me a sample?

No. Click your Testimonials links above to see our many satisfied customers.

How many products does PHI have?

Including your many donation options/programs, MLM genealogy leads lists, information products (books) and your various General Merchandises, your PHI has very close to 3,000 products and services offered now! 

What affiliation services does PHI offer?

Sell your products on your web site or facebook and various social media sites at no cost to you---FREE! For your commission plan details, click your Pay Plan FAQs

Why do you do it?

It all started with your Founder's first "crush" as a little boy in second grade back in the USA on an immigrant Filipina girl. As a man, he came to the Philippines in search of a wife, which, by God's grace, he found. But once there, the widespread poverty and human misery shocked him and continues to shock him each and every day. One day, not too long ago, he felt moved by the Spirit of God to do something on a larger scale to help. If you have been longing to find your cause marketing home, Start At The Top right now! "Live to Give and Do Well by Doing Good!"

How much money have you raised thus far? 

Several millions of dollars between your donations and product/service sales, by God's grace. And that small but thankful figure has been achieved entirely during your preparatory, research and development type of environment/phase/stage that is now mostly done and over. Your long developmental R & D pre-launch period has seen us develop your TeleDistributors Call Center and your commission paying platform among our many successful accomplishments to date. Your Founder John Carson Lester Jr has been given legendary fund raising and organizational gifts. In fact, once he personally sold $400,000 in Founders Packages for a "pills, potions and lotions" MLM several years ago in a short 75-day period! Thus, and again, by God's grace, you have both biographical and historical track record reasons to have faith and fully expect that the near term future of your Pure Hearts International will see many more millions of dollars raised for your mutual benefit of your current Crown Philanthropists, eventual Crown Philanthropists and your (Filipino) rural poor and street poor. Crown Philanthropists that join us now and work hard have your tremendous "ground floor" advantage! We recommend that you start by making your donation yourself!

What is your primary source of funds? 

Your donations raised from generous contributors like yourself via our fund raising arm. It is your for-profit business legally registered in the Philippines as TeleDistributors Call Center (TCC) and endeavors to raise funds to visit your sick and imprisoned and help feed your hungry street children, widows, orphans, the elderly and disabled in the Philippines for your Pure Hearts International.

How does it work?

Your TCC subtracts its paid affiliate commissions. TCC then gives 80% of the rest to your Pure Hearts International mission of visiting, feeding, clothing and funding scholarships and medical services starting with your needy indigent children in the dreadfully impoverished third world nation of the Philippines. Your Pure Hearts International subtracts any after-token-exception gift costs (20% of the gross or less) from the funds it receives from TCC. 

Why does social entrepreneurship work out better for the poor compared to traditional charities?

NGOs (non-governmental organizations, also known as traditional charities) almost never succeed. Why? They lack the profit motive!  Lacking the profit motive, they usually start underfunded and stay underfunded until they and all of their good intentions simply disappear. And when the NGO fails, guess what? the poor fail too! The absolute beauty of social entrepreneurship is that, while your Crown Philanthropists incentively earn by way of your highly motivating Pay Plan commissions and thereby feed themselves and their families, they also feed your poor too! Your Social Entrepreneurship, from the beginning of your day all the way thru to the end of your day, sustainably feeds your poor more than does the outdated NGO model. And, we can assure you, that is the only thing that matters to your rural poor and your street poor

How long have you done this?

Your Pure Hearts International was conceptualized in August of 2009 and then was legally organized and registered in the USA on October 6, 2009. However,  we have invested in a long and painstaking period of meticulous organization and preparation for this lifelong mission and only recently began operating at first your simple 1-level "offline" (now online and 11 levels) affiliate marketing company during our still ongoing pre-launch phase. But despite only being in pre-launch, we are pleased to announce we have paid out 2,000+ commissions to affiliates all around your world (primarily in the United States, Canada and the Philippines). Your Founder John Carson Lester Jr met his Filipina wife, Floremay, in October of 2010 and was married and began residing in the Philippines in 2011. Since then we have steadily advanced our understanding of and our application of your social entrepreneurship model to the point where we are prepared, in 2019 and beyond, to emerge from your pre-launch phase and become your world's first large scale global social entrepreneurship affiliate marketing company, by God's amazing grace.

What are the payment options?

We accept your major credit and debit cards and your PayPal. 

What is your refund policy?

Digital goods, donations and anything not shipped physically are not refundable. So unless you have a defective or non-defective physical product that has been shipped to you that you can return in its original re-salable condition at your expense within 30 days of your receipt of shipment, because we are feeding your poor Filipino children, widows, single mothers and the elderly and have a generous affiliate commission pay plan, refunds simply are not possible and all donations/sales are final. 

How do I cancel an order?

You cannot cancel an order . Our system is highly automated and we are unable to cancel orders.

Can I add items to an existing order?

No. Once an order has been placed we are not able to make any changes to it. You will have to order your additional items separately.

When downloading my purchased MLM genealogy leads list(s), how long does a typical download take?

The duration of your download depends on many different factors such as size, connection speed etc. There is no standard download time, however, it is not unusual for large downloads to download for several hours.

My download goes to 100% and stalls. What do I do?

If you are using a wireless connection we recommend you switch to cable for the duration of the download.

What is the best program to use to call and email my MLM genealogy leads I have purchased from PHI?

We recommend However, if that option is too expensive for you, there are also many inexpensive and free and fairly powerful cell phone sales dialer applications available for android and Apple cell phones. Just search your app store.  

More General FAQs coming soon...