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Pay Plan FAQs

Share Your Love for And Earn Rewards!

You have been a valued customer! Now we want to give back to you, our loyal customers. What's better than finding products you love? Sharing products you love! With, you can join a community of fans and by simply referring your favorites to your social network, you'll get paid for every referral that results in a sale!

rBUX provides you with the freedom to spread your love for our brand via any social media platform, and it encourages you to use your creative means to influence others. You are a brand as much as we are! rBUX empowers you to represent and grow your personal brand as your successful referrals increase!

To get started, simply click on the referral button on any product page and follow the instructions. <CLICK HERE> and we'll take you to one of our favorite products.

To find out more about rBUX and their referral technology, then visit their website at And read the Pay Plan FAQs below:

What can rBUX and Pure Hearts International do for me as an affiliate marketer?

You get to turn your enthusiasm into your greatest asset - by generating sales. There are no initial or ongoing fees. By becoming part of the rBUX community, your business gets more exposure by tapping into an existing synergistic community of rBUX members. This is especially important with new or upcoming products. rBUX is a perfect platform for new launches like Pure Hearts International! We treat our affiliates as co-creators and ambassadors which is the key to competing in today's economy.

What resources does rBUX and Pure Hearts International provide me to get started?

Affiliate resources are designed to help you get your customers on board easily and quickly. We provide you with email templates and messaging, social media excerpts, links, infographics and banners, all which you can share with your customers to help get them on board. Simply go to the Resources section located on the left hand side of your free affiliate dashboard once you've created a free affiliate account at, browse the different resources available to you and download and use the ones you would like to use.

When YOU press the "refer" button in your shopping cart or wherever you see it, the Pure Hearts International product is automatically registered to the rBUX marketplace. It's that simple!

Influencers are people that gain a lot of attention on social media. These people have the power to persuade people and affect their purchasing decisions. Using influencers is beneficial because It opens you to a whole way to connect with customers organically in a way that you can't reach on your own. And remember, with rBUX, this is crucial as YOU can get paid as part of a chain of up to 11 levels of referrers! Influencer marketing is native marketing which is more powerful and effective than traditional marketing and paid ads. Instead of pushing products to your customers, influencer marketing allows your brand to be placed within the organic content which feels much less demanding and allows for a more pleasurable consumer experience. It's also traceable and trackable which allows you to keep tab of demographics and useful information. Influencers directly engage your audience through authentic storytelling. Their honesty allow users to place trust in your brand and make users want to engage in your brand.

The percentages allocated for the product prices will scale with the price of the product. The larger the ticket item, the less the percentage. It is important that rBUXers understand there is a standard percentage set to provide consistency with the referral commision. These percentages are found in Schedules A and B below.

The customer presses the "Refer" button, creates a referral, then shares it via the Social media, email, link options. So there is a link generated by the referral. It's that simple and it tracks the referral chain up to 11 levels of referrals/referrers! 

Each referral is product related, so there is a unique link for each product the customer refers. When the other user clicks on the referral link, they are asked to sign-in or create an rBUX account before viewing the product. This is how we associate the customer with the potential referrer. When the purchase is made, the rBUX plugin checks with our servers for any referrals to that person, then issues the reward to the UP-TO-11 rBUX referral members! It's that simple. 

Now, let's tell your customers they can refer your products and earn money.

Let’s start referring! Below are some quick points on how to share products to your friends, family and colleagues. It’s simple and it’s easy! 

    • Find a product you love in our store.

    • Click on the rBUX refer button, located on our product pages. This will take you to the rBUX Referral Share Page. 

    • To refer the product you selected, make sure to follow the steps outlined on the 'Create Referral' screen on the rBUX page.

    • First describe what you like about the product. You can add pictures, videos, and YouTube links showing you with your product or select a website image.

    • Save your referral. 

    • Now, share this referral to friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or your other favorite social media channel. 

    • When your friends purchase your recommendation, you will earn rBUX into your account that can convert to CA$H. You also earn if your referral is forwarded to others! The rBUX referral chain can refer up to 11 people per product!


Once you've earned rBUX, you may redeem them for product discounts or withdraw them for CA$H!






Referral Reward Rates

The rBUX Referral Reward will be set, modified and administered by rBUX Inc. Tracking of Referrals successfully made is the responsibility of rBUX Inc.

The Referral Reward will be used to fund the Members rBUX Reward (the commission that the Member receives for a referral resulting in a sale of the Partner's Product. The reward table may be modified from time to time. rBUX Inc will inform members when any reward changes are made.

An item is eligible for reward if our records show that an rBUX Member has recorded a referral to the purchasing member. A referral is recorded when a user clicks on a link sent to them by another member.

There may be multiple referrers, and referers to referrers (The Referral Chain) for any given purchase. In the case where there is more than one referrer involved in generating the sale, then the referral reward will be shared amongst the referrers based on the percentage splits as outlined in Schedule B.

The following outlines the current default rBUX Reward rates for purchased items eligible for reward.

rBUX Member Referral Reward Rate Table

Effective December 8th, 2016

Purchase Price US$
(before taxes, shipping)
Commission %
Under $100 11.25%
$100 - $499.99 11.25% - 9.75%
$500 - $999.99 9.75% - 7.5%
$1000 - $4999.99 7.5% - 5.25%
$5000 - $9,999.99 5.25% - 3.75%
$10,000 - $49,999.99 3.75% - 2.25%
$50,000 - $99,999.99 2.25% - 1.5%
$100,000 - $499,999.99 1.5% - 0.75%
$500,000 and higher 0.75%


Referral Reward Sharing Rules

Effective December 8th, 2016

These rules descibes the percentage share of the assigned referral reward as determined in schedule A. In the case where rBUX Inc has determined there is multiple referrers, and/or referers to referrers (The Referral Chain) for any given purchase, then the referral reward will be shared as follows:

Independent Referrals Sharing Percentages Table

Independent referrals are referrals made to the same member, where each of the referrers has sent the referral independently with no link to any other referrer. These percentages may further be split if there is a referral chain (the referrer was referred by others). See the Referral Chain Sharing Percentages Table for these rules.

Refer order
by time referred
1 Referrer 2 Referrers 3 or more Referrers
1st Referrer 100% 60% 45%
Last Referrer 40% 30%
All Middle Referrers
(shared equally)

Referral Chain Sharing Percentages Table

Referral Chain referrals are referrals of referrals. The referral pool is based on the above Independent Sharing amount for each independent referring member.

Referral Chain Depth
number of referrers
Referral Pool %
1st Referrer Last Referrer All Middle Referrers (shared equally)
1 100%
2 60% 40%
3 or more 45% 30% 25%


Name Definition
1st Referrer The first response made to a referral. Ie. The first referral link the user clicked on. This is not from when the referral was created
Last Referrer The most recent response made to a referral. Ie. The most recent referral link the user clicked on before purchasing.
Mid Referrer All referral responses between the first and the last. The percentage is divided evenly between all middle referrers.

Referral Chain Processing

For each pool percentage there is a referral chain that operates using the same strategy as above. Referrer earns a reward percentage This percentage is now divided by all members down the referral chain using the same calculations as first level referrals

For last Direct Referer of 2 direct referrers and no indirect referrers A Refers AB. AB refers ABC. ABC refers Purchaser

Pool Percentage 40.00%
Direct Referral A 45.00% 18.00%
Direct Referral AB 25.00% 10.00%
Direct Referral ABC 30.00% 12.00%

Recursive Referrals

A Purchases. A was referred by B. B was referred by C. C was referred by D. D was referred by B. (B was referred by C...)

In this case, the chain breaks at D. D becomes the first referrer, C the middle, and B the last.

Both A and D were referred by B.

B referred both A and D.

Note that the rBUX system prevents recursive referrals from being created.

For even more information on rBUX, click here.