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PHI CREED is a publicly registered copyrighted literary work at the US Library of Congress and US Copyright Office with all rights reserved worldwide. No reproduction rights are granted without express written permission of the author. This small less than 1 megabyte PDF file may be freely redistributed as long as there is absolutely no alteration to the file. In less than 8 pages, by God's grace,  PHI CREED uniquely and correctly answers the questions of who Jesus REALLY is; who we humans REALLY are; and provides unique and correct answers to many of the questions and problems that have long plagued Mankind. God willing, it will eventually result in,  for the first time in our long,  troubled history, United Humanity. Note: PHI Affiliates may or may not agree with PHI CREED,  in whole or in part. What we DO generally agree on is the need to feed the hungry and do Good Works! PS We encourage anyone and everyone to comment on,  question and even challenge the PHI CREED using the Disqus discussions below:



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