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MyBizBots R.A.M. FAQs

MyBizBots R.A.M Frequently Asked Questions and your answers are listed below...before you contact us, please check to see if your question is already answered below: 

What is MyBizBots Remote Account Management (R.A.M.)?

MyBizBots Remote Account Management is your feature that allows you to outsource your management, growth and curation of your Twitter account to your dedicated MyBizBots Account Manager at your Pure Hearts International's TeleDistributors Call Center.

What are the benefits of MyBizBots R.A.M? 

MyBizBots R.A.M. allows you to save time by outsourcing your processing and "clicks" to your Pure Hearts International's TeleDistributors Call Center MyBizBots Account Manager. 

How does MyBizBots R.A.M. work?

You simply add your annual or lifetime MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription (that you can spread payment for up to 12 months using the Lay-Buys program built into this site and described on the home page in great detail) to your shopping cart and checkout. Remember to give us your Twitter account "handle" ( and password) as well as your one (1) website you'd like to promote in addition to the promotion of your Twitter account either in the comments section of your checkout so we can access your Twitter account and get any additional Twitter account details or other details we may need and/or in subsequent emails as the 2-way email communication process starts following your checkout so that we can, within one to two business days, start GROWING your Twitter account! Feel free to supply any other contact details or any other misc details above and beyond your Twitter account and website details as you see fit. If you have any additional needs or concerns, just contact us. You will be in sporadic but prompt 2-way contact via email with your dedicated Pure Hearts International's TeleDistributors Call Center Account Manager.  

Why do you call R.A.M. the MyBizBots "MAX" account?

That is because, unlike other "metered" services that operate on a pre-paid basis like a pre-paid debit card for example that only works up to your available money, your MyBizBots Social Media R.A.M. operates on your robust subscription basis and only knows one (1) continuous speed: MAX! And that means about 1800 clicks per day performed on your Twitter account's behalf by our MyBizBots Account Managers and that typically means hundreds and hundreds of NEW LEADS for YOUR BUSINESS each week, including typically anywhere from 20 to 120 total website visits per day or more from 10 to 60 or more unique new website visitors per day. If those are MORE NEW LEADS than what you can personally handle, well, shrug, delegate the leads to your business associates and partners! It's your nice "problem" to have, right? :)

Are there any typical type of real active Twitter accounts that you target?

Lacking any other instructions from you, we tend to target real active Twitter accounts in our personal space which includes a large variety of entrepreneur types, including social entrepreneurs. But we can target any type of Twitter follower that you desire. Just inform us of what you are looking for in the comments section of your checkout as well as in your post-transaction communications that we have with you. 

Can I provide additional instructions to allow other types of actions to be outsourced - for example to follow people who have the word “leader” in their profile?

You most certainly can. Like Burger King, most special orders do not upset us! Just inform us of what you are looking for in the comments section of your checkout as well as in your post-checkout email communications that we have with you. 

What does it mean when, one or two consecutive days per month, I see a temporary increase in my number of daily Twitter un-followers?

That happens even with our own Twitter accounts here at your Pure Hearts International. It's normal. This happens when, it seems like once or twice a month, Twitter goes thru and "purges" the small percentage of accounts that our proprietary processes generate which are, in fact, not real or are no longer active accounts. After this one or two day purge by Twitter is accomplished by Twitter, at which time the growth of your account will be stalled or progress more slowly than usual for one or two days, it normally starts growing fast again once the one or two days "purge" is accomplished by Twitter. And the larger your Twitter account becomes, the larger the "purge" will become, typically. As a personal example, one of our personal Twitter accounts lost over 200+ followers in a single day recently during one of these periodic Twitter purges. But that's okay, seeing that we have well over 20,000+ followers of that account and typically get anywhere from 200 to 400 new followers per day. No problem whatsoever. We can't wait until we lose 1,000 followers in a day because that will probably mean we have over 100,000 Twitter followers!  It's a good thing. 

All you are doing is clicking a mouse 1,800 or so times per day. Can't I do that myself and save the money?

Probably not. Because our MyBizBots Account Managers are not "just" clicking a mouse 1,800 or so times per day on your Twitter account's behalf. They are also registering your Twitter account with very sophisticated Twitter-approved 3rd party software and then populating those 3rd party softwares with your saved Twitter account details such as your website address, etc. along with adding to these 3rd party softwares a whole host of your PHI Founder John Carson Lester Jr "proprietary tricks" generated by his amazing perfect 800 GRE quant score mind to produce phenomenal Twitter follower growth results for you! Therefore, unless you know all of these additional "tricks" yourself, just clicking your mouse 1,800 times per day, assuming you could even setup these 3rd party softwares themselves at all (much less setup these 3rd party softwares with our proprietary "PHI Founder John Carson Lester Jr secret recipe tricks"), it is extremely unlikely and nigh next to impossible for you to generate more than 10 to 20% of what our "high momentum" secret MyBizBots MAX tricks produce in terms of bottom line total number of targeted real Twitter followers and leads every single day! And even if you knew everything we know, and even if your brain was as powerful as PHI Founder's John Carson Lester Jr's perfect 800 GRE quant score brain, and even if you even knew about much less could cope with the occasional Twitter rule changes involving Twitter API call limits, etc, your $64,000 questions are, would you be as disciplined in actually doing day after boring day your necessary boring daily work required to produce high MyBizBots MAX momentum for your growth of your Twitter account's targeted real followers? And, even if you were this incredibly disciplined and this incredibly good with computers and working with sophisticated computer software, what is your value of your TIME and WHERE is YOUR TIME best spent for YOU?! Wouldn't you rather be working directly with your website visitors and leads that WE are generating FOR YOU daily and won't THAT make you far more net money anyways than just mindlessly clicking your boring mouse all day long?! Think it thru logically and realistically. Think STRATEGICALLY. BE WISE! Then order your annual or lifetime MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription today (that you can spread payment for up to 12 months using the Lay-Buys program built into this site and described on the home page in great detail). 

How do I know that my MyBizBots R.A.M. account is actually being worked every day? 

That's an easy one. Believe us, YOU'LL KNOW! We set up your Twitter account to automatically send you notifications of the MASSIVE amount of Twitter activity our MyBizBots R.A.M. work is generating daily on your behalf. Your email account will light up with LEADS of REAL PEOPLE on Twitter pouring in on a basically never ending (as long as you maintain your MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription) daily basis. We can even, if you wish, have your Twitter account notifications sent to your cell phone by way of SMS text! What we typically do is limit the text notification hours from between 9 am and 9 pm. Otherwise, your cell phone text notifications will be going off like an out of control firecracker all thru the night as targeted real Twitter followers follow you on Twitter, mention you on Twitter, private message you on Twitter, retweet your Tweets on Twitter, etc all in a Klout score exploding orgy of Twitter online activity that will very directly spill over into hundreds and hundreds of weekly visits to your one (1) website as well! And if all of these notifications are too much for you, and if you don't want to receive them for some reason, don't fret, they can be turned off easily! Now grab your annual or lifetime MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription today (that you can spread payment for up to 12 months using the Lay-Buys program built into this site and described on the home page in great detail)!

Can I watch the Twitter account of one of your actual Twitter MyBizBots R.A.M. customers?

Sure you can! Here's the Twitter account of Joanne Bailey, your typical MyBizBots R.A.M. account customer and who is on our annual MyBizBots R.A.M. plan. After registering for Twitter in January of 2009, after more than 6+ years, she had only obtained less than 50 Twitter followers. After she invested in her own future by purchasing her annual MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription in late September of 2015, we obtained for her 10,000+ targeted real Twitter followers in only 60 or so days (we were SLOW back then, it typically happens in 43 days or less now)! And she continues to get 100 to 200 net new real targeted Twitter followers each day as you can plainly see by simply watching her Twitter account grow each day at the link above. Joanne is not a professional salesperson/entrepreneur by any stretch of the imagination. What she is is a cook in the Rochester, New York public school district. She would be the first one to say that she could never do what we do and, even if she could, she wouldn't have the time. She barely has time to follow up on the hundreds of leads that we generate for her on a weekly basis! For this mountain of leads we generate for her each week comes on top of her full-time work schedule, taking care of her sick beloved confined-to-the-house life partner and US military veteran Ronnie who is suffering from severe diabetes, rehearsing and singing in her traveling acapella choir, and enjoying her kids and grandkids! But she does what she can in terms of lead followup and absolutely swears by MyBizBots R.A.M! :Now snatch your annual or lifetime MyBizBots R.A.M. subscription today (that you can spread payment for up to 12 months using the Lay-Buys program built into this site and described on the home page in great detail)!

Do you use any automated methods to process the queue?

No. This would be in breach of Twitter’s rules. MyBizBots Account Managers manually action every process. MyBizBots Account Managers are monitored and sometimes even recorded in order to provide evidence of manual action if required. 

More MyBizBots R.A.M. FAQs coming soon...