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(those pictured with bios have each given/purchased/sold at least $10,000, and some $50,000 plus to, in addition to giving enormous amounts of time)



$50,000: Armina and John Lester Sr

Armina was born in Kentucky, the 4th of 10 children. John Sr was born in Virginia, the eldest of 11 children. However, Armina and John Sr, later, both moved to Michigan, where they met and married and after 50+ years of marriage now still reside today. Armina’s father Earl Fultz was a Pentecostal minister, hunter and master fisherman. Many of the farmers in the rural community often asked her Dad to clear out the coons, foxes and other animals from their land so as to keep the animals from eating their crops.  One of the farmers had a church on his property and asked Earl if he would like to use it for his church services. That is how The Rochester (Michigan) Church of God began.  After a number of years the area slowly turned from rural farmlands into the suburbs they are today. The farmer who had allowed Armina’s dad, Earl, to hold his church services on his land sold his farm. Therefore, the Fultz family had to return to having church services in their home, while saving money to buy their own church. When the Lord blessed them with the money they needed, all of the children in the family, tall to small, helped to build their new church from the ground up.  Armina can remember taking cement blocks and putting them on a conveyer belt to send them down into the basement in order to finish the walls.  The church was built so solidly and with such love that it still stands strong on Auburn Road today, almost 60 years later. Armina quit school when she was 16 in order to help her Mom And Dad raise her two youngest brothers.  When she was 18, she met John Sr through his family.  His family had been attending her father’s church and John Sr’s sisters introduced them after services one day.  Armina and John Sr dated for 4 years before marrying on August 25th, 1962.  They lived in Detroit for six years, near Ford Motor Company (where John Sr worked). Eleven months after their wedding, God blessed them with a bouncing 7 pounds, 3 ounce baby boy, John Jr!  Armina’s life was full and rich taking care of her family and raising her children.  She gardened, canned, loved to cook, helped out at her children’s schools, attended school outings and every school function, she was a Boy Scout and Girl Scout mom, and she traveled out of state many times for school debates and drill team competitions.  At this time she also went back to school to finish her high school diploma, and she began taking college courses. In 1979, knowing that big college bills were just around the corner, Armina began to work outside the home again as a part-time file clerk for a company called Abitibi Price.  She did so well, that it wasn’t long before she was promoted to Customer Credit Representative.  Eventually she was so highly regarded by her company that they were flying Armina all over the United States to solve various problems and to perform PR work for them. In 1987, Armina resigned from Abitibi Price to attend real estate school.  She obtained her real estate license, and had great success in that career until she retired in the early 2000s.  John Sr joined Armina in retirement just a few years later, after having worked at Ford Motor Company for 48 and a ½ years (apart from a Ford layoff period from 1958 to 1960 when John Sr also served 2 years in the United States Army). They have been a Top 5 All-Time Cumulative Money Earner with another direct selling company in the past, in addition to their superlative performance with Pure Hearts International currently. They are Pentecostals. They have both been thoroughly enjoying their retirement, and they have never loved each other’s company more.  

$50,000: Jennifer Lester

Jennifer Ann Lester, engaged to Chris Moller, has held leadership positions throughout her entire life. In high school, she was a student leader in Campus Life, a Youth for Christ organization for teens; she was, upon high school graduation, selected to be a counselor to the students in the Troy, Michigan chapter of Campus Life; she worked in a variety of positions at The Marriott for 10+ years, including serving as the Assistant General Manger for Shula's Steakhouse; she was the Pittsburgh Market Manager for R. J. Reynolds and developed the most successful territory in R. J. Reynolds' history; she was the project and office manager for General Television Arts and Millennium Pictures; she was the Studio Manager of The Acting Corps, the most respected and successful short-term acting conservatory in Los Angeles, leading the school to its first million dollar sales year in 2008; she has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; she was Oakland University's 1995 Gittlen Scholarship Recipient; she was chosen to compete for the Irene Ryan award at the American College Theater Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; she was voted "Best Local Actress" by "Real Detroit Weekly's" 1999 Readers Poll; she has appeared in 6 independent feature films, including "The Death of Michael Smith," said film being invited to the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival where it won the festival award for best ensemble cast; she has appeared in many commercials and industrial films, as well as countless theater productions; she was producer, co-writer and assistant director for the short movie "Consumer's Advocate," which competed in the "24 Hour New York Film Festival," and won regional runner up, despite fierce competition from several multi-million dollar production companies; she has directed a number of theater productions, including the wildly successful "Smell of the Kill," which was held over twice due to popular demand. She lives in Los Angeles & has been a Top 20 All-Time Cumulative Money Earner with a direct selling company.




$20,000: Essie Stamper 

Essie Stamper is Armina Lester's older sister, so much of Armina's early biography above applies equally to Essie. Essie is also John Jr's favorite Aunt, partly because she is the person who introduced him to network marketing in 1988. Essie is Pentecostal and has resided in the Clarkston area of Michigan for most of her life. Like Armina, she met her husband, Bill, in her father's Pentecostal church. Bill, who passed on several years ago, and widow Essie, raised 5 beautiful children, and over a dozen grandchildren and counting! In addition to Bill's trucking work, she chose to serve the Lord by serving as foster mother to literally dozens of children over several decades. She and Bill eventually legally adopted 4 of these children, and she is and always will be "their Mom!"



$20,000: Joanne Bailey

Joanne was born in Rochester, New York, where she still resides today. Joanne's interests while she was growing up revolved around music and dancing. She has been a member of Harmony, Inc. and more recently a choral member of the Sweet Adelines International, Inc. They perform regionally throughout the year and are an all women's offshoot of the nearly century old barber shop singing legion, SPEBSQSA - the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. Joanne attended Catholic school. She was baptized and received her communion and her confirmation, all at the Holy Redeemer Church. Married at 17, Joanne went on to have 3 children in 5 years. After her children were born, Joanne attended Sawyer Business School. However, due to a medical issue that caused seizures, Joanne was unable to work outside the home until she had brain surgery in 1995 to remove a tumor. In 1997, she accepted a part-time job as a sub-cook in a high school. Due to her excellent hard work she was quickly made a full time manager by 1998. Joanne has been working various home-based businesses since 1995. She had, of course, heard of future Pure Hearts International Founder John Lester, but she had never had an opportunity to speak to him until March 18, 2009. She remembers that day vividly, saying, "I was in awe of John Lester. I did everything possible to learn from him the best ways to work my home-based business." Joanne went on to say that "Being a LIFETIME Crown Philanthropist is the best experience I have ever had. One word: Phenomenal!"

$20,000: Geoff and Julia Pace

Geoff Pace, who has earned a Masters Degree and completed a portion of the work on a PhD as well, has spent much of his adult life in sales and marketing, including his last position which was as sales director and leadership consultant to Executive Excellence Publishing; he served his country via a stint in Strategic Air Command of the United States Air Force; he served as a broadcasting journalist for a host of radio outlets across the USA as well as for Armed Forces radio; he has served as college instructor on various subjects including Communications on several campuses from coast to coast; and he served nearly 20 years as a field membership representative for a Dallas-based legislative research team by the name of National "Write Your Congressman" Inc. Julia Pace has earned an associates degree along the way of serving as a faithful housewife and mother of 6 children. The Paces are LDS and reside in Utah. 

$20,000: Carol and Glen Williams

Carol and Glen Williams came from a hardy stock of early Mormon pioneers who settled Wyoming.  Star Valley is a beautiful valley surrounded by the western front of the Rocky Mountains. The oldest of four children, and she being the only girl, Carol is the leader of her family's penchant for singing and entertainment. Among her other talents has been her penchant for adhering to her duties as a leader in her church congregation and her civic duties for God and country. After marrying her US Army husband in the early 1960s, Carol and Glen Williams then set up shop in Lander, Wyoming. She became a leader not only in her church’s seminar studies but also in the newly developed Freeman Institute. This is a consortium of constitutional followers from all over the USA. Today, it is known as the National Center for Constitutional Studies.  In the 1970s, Carol joined the Right to Life Movement and her favorite political party. Carol also was honored for her homemaking skills by receiving the Homemaker of the Year (presented by Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum). Since she is also part Cherokee, she joined the LDS Cherokee Family in 1991. Carol and Glen both have been missionaries to the nearby Indian reservations of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho in Lander, Wyoming for many years. Carol is currently the Librarian for the Lander Family History Center. Carol further believes that families have the capacity to be forever, not just merely in this mortal life and encourages everyone to discover their roots. 

$20,000 Henry H Perry Jr 

Henry H Perry Jr is a master of quality control. He spent most of his work life being the quality inspector for three big companies, including Milton Bradley. As a New England Roman Catholic, he has been going to Mass in MASSachussetts most of his life! Henry is also multifaceted. He started his working career at the age of 14 with a paper route and within a few years he was working as a core setter for a local foundry. Henry has varied interests and hobbies ranging from singing in the local church choir to being the treasurer of his local Stamp Club. He also does service projects for the elderly and shut-ins. And, as Henry likes to say, or shall we say SING, rather, at the closing of his testimony on our national conference calls: "There's good. There's Better! There's PURE FOY! Simply, THE BEST!"

$20,000: Ngan and Adrian Frank

Adrian has been involved in sales and marketing his entire adult life and has ranked, multiple times, as top 5 All-Time Cumulative Money Earner for multiple direct selling companies. Adrian loves the Lord, end enjoys nothing more than sharing the love of God and treating everyone with compassion. Ngan has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Central Washington University. The Franks are Pentecostal, they reside in Seattle.

$20,000: Gregg May

Gregg has been long time happily married to his wife Delores. A graduate of Wayne Community College, Gregg received a degree in Diatetic Technology. Occupationally, Gregg worked at and is now retired from General Motors, where he served for several decades as an Industrial Electrician, installing new equipment and repairing any breakdowns that occur while in operation. The Mays are Catholic and reside in the Detroit area. 

$20,000: Etsher Kenherve

​Esther, today a widow herself, married and raised her family in Quebec. A graduate of Accounting School, she worked at Nichol Insurance, where she was in charge of their entire accounting department. Esther resides in British Columbia with her beloved little Yorkie Toby Boy. Esther is a member of the Christian Missionary Alliance church. 

$10,000: Ida Penn

Ida was born in Oklahoma. She met her husband, Baptist Pastor William Penn, while he was serving in the Air Force. The military sent them to the Philippines for two years, where they happily ministered to Filipinos. When they returned to the USA, they attended Bible college, and then embarked on a long and fulfilling life together in the service of Jesus Christ. The Penns founded churches in Kansas, Montana and Minnesota before finally settling down permanently in Illinois with their four children. Since her husband's passing four years ago, widow Ida keeps herself busy by continuing her work with her church, as well as giving piano lessons to youngsters and taking on sewing projects. Many folks in Ida's life marvel at the tremendous energy she still has at the age of 77, which she attributes to PURE FOY!

$10,000: Joshua Moses Bennett

Born a Messianic Jew near Chicago, Joshua has performed his service to the Lord by delving into the mysteries of the gospel and elucidating them for others. He has written a powerful testimony of the Native Americans, many of whom were the first Christians in North America (centuries before any record of European settlements there). The name of Joshua's 700-plus page published and hard cover anthological work is titled "The Gospel of  the Great Spirit." Currently, Joshua lives in Utah and is working on his next book, which is focused on missing documentation and the original languages of the Bible (including Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic).


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  • Christine L Bailey-Clar

  • Wayne Becker

  • Anthony Brown

  • Christopher Call

  • Alan Cook

  • Bill and Lois Cook

  • Jack Cross

  • Rodney Deschenes

  • Christal DeVries

  • Lawrence Durtschi

  • David Foesch

  • Audrey Frances

  • Robert Francis

  • Gwendolyn Hamilton

  • Dee Haynes

  • Bernice R Jackson

  • Naomi and Sonny Kelley

  • Greg Lawson

  • Betty Lewis

  • Kalina Lowery

  • Phil and Elaine Maughan

  • Joe McElhaney

  • Melody Nelson

  • Jerry Olson

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  • Bernie Renaud

  • Vernadine Spencer-Deen

  • William Stamper

  • Don Thake

  • Fawn and Richard Venzor

  • Jim and Gail Voights

  • Autumn Williams

  • Ronnie Wilson


  • Richard Ashley

  • Dianna L Baker

  • Lester D Baker

  • Dee Benham

  • Jim Black

  • Paul and Lynette Bolander

  • Norman Bosworth

  • Roy and Joan Brog

  • Cathy Christensen

  • Barbara A Coil

  • Brenda Collins

  • Gerald and Coral Cooper

  • Kevin W Crabtree

  • Pierce DeBoe

  • Nichole Disalvo

  • Sheila Dutson

  • Anthony Escobar

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  • Christina Fox

  • Peter Frandsen

  • Michelle Frasier

  • Lanora Grondel

  • David Haan

  • Mike Hartnell

  • Elanore Hauerwas

  • Dr Sidney Hayton

  • Steven Hemsoth

  • Glenna and Stephen High

  • Brian Hildbrands

  • Jaime K Jambor

  • Mary L Jones-French

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  • Charline Kurtz

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  • Alayna S Mofhitz

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  • Rex C Moss

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  • Laree Nilsson

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  • Jan Orcutt

  • Nancy Payne

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  • Tatton Phillips

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  • Jorge Riveros

  • Jackie Roberts

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  • Howard Savage

  • Brenda Scarborough

  • Mark and Sherree Schell

  • David Somers

  • David L Sorenson

  • Loran Sorenson

  • Ken Spring

  • Ralph Stemp

  • Kathy Sydejko

  • Connie Vitale

  • Charles Wicker

  • Roslyn Wiederhold

  • Gill and Marlene Yardley

(far too many to list)