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Why Join PHI?

First off, we pay an enormous 40% commissions over your first three (3) levels combined. Good luck finding another company in your world that offers that extremely attractive scenario! This allows you to sign up people left and right very easily because it is such a low financial risk to test drive our system combined with such a high and FAST financial reward once they start building. Once people test drive your system, many will want to upgrade to higher priced products and services and that will put lots more commissions in your pocket! Second, PHI is your world's FIRST TRULY globally seamless affiliate marketing opportunity! Other affiliate companies require MC/VISA in order to do business with them. This is your PROBLEM because your majority of your adults on planet earth simply do NOT have MC/VISA! Therefore, YOU can NOT do business with your MAJORITY of your adults on planet earth representing OTHER affiliate marketing companies! How do YOU FEEL about THAT?! Is that enormous limitation FAIR and ACCEPTABLE to YOU?! But it's BETTER being your Pure Hearts International affiliate! Because we privately accept bitcoin from EVERY unbanked and banked adult on planet earth transacting right over their cell phone on your Internet! Third, we visit your sick and your imprisoned and feed and clothe your poor Filipino street children (plus your widows, single mothers, orphans, your elderly and disabled)! Fourth, we offer instantly downloaded MLM genealogy leads lists and information products and Social Media R.A.M. (R.emote A.ccount M.anagement) and a wide variety of General Merchandises and accept affiliate-driven and affiliate-compensated fundraising donations WORLDWIDE! Fifth, we provide 100% AFFILIATE POTENTIAL PAY PRIVATELY & DAILY IN PRECIOUS BITCOIN! Sixth, compared to other companies, we save YOU, on average, over $500 per year by having NO signup fees, NO distributor kit fees, NO monthly replicated web page fees and NO FEES PERIOD! And thus your PHI} Social Entrepreneurship ROCKS!

P.S. Furthermore, your Pure Hearts International greatly admires the KUNAKI.COM business model (an AUTOMATED internet-based platform built on your time-honored concept of self-serve gasoline or self-serve ATMs)! When you place your order, FULFILLMENT is AUTOMATIC! When you place your order, ELECTRONIC COMMISSIONS paid to you and/or your upline/downline affiliate(s) in private bitcoin is DAILY! There's NO HOME OFFICE MIDDLEMAN to REDUCE YOUR AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS! Or limit us from giving your ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LIFE CHANGING CLOTHES and FOODS to your Filipino poor street kids! And for even MORE reasons to join PHI click our FAQs!



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